Author: Russell Wyeth

Congrats to Alexa and Hannah – directed studies done & dusted

Both Alexa Nicholson and Hannah Stevens have finished their directed studies projects.  Alexa was working with antifouling options for aquaculture, and Hannah on the influence of light on pond snail navigation.  Both did a fantastic job on their final reports, and now have to let the research go (for a while at least) and focus on the last semester of courses in their BSc degrees.

Ella Maltby switches to lobster for her MSc

A big welcome to the newest grad student in the WyethLab.  She hasn’t come from very far!  Ella Maltby has wrapped up her work on our collaboration with Waycobah First Nation (studying antifouling options for their aquaculture facility), ending a year and half working on various projects in the lab.   For her MSc (co-supervised by Dr. Jim Williams), she will be studying the acute effects of sediment from Boat Harbour Nova Scotia (the site of a pull mill treatment facility) on juvenile lobster behavior.