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Biology 112: Diversity of Life

Taught: Winter Term
Description: This course emphasizes the interrelationships of living systems and their roles in the global ecosystem. Students explore evolution and the origins of life, organismic diversity, adaptations, and ecology. Human interactions with the diversity of life are considered throughout the course. Basic skills that underpin success as an undergraduate student are also emphasized. Required for all students continuing in biology. Three credits and lab.

Biology 342: Invertebrate Zoology

Taught: Fall Term
Description: A comparative study of invertebrate animals and their adaptations, including their morphology, behaviour, physiology, ecology and evolution. Students will learn the remarkable diversity of both form and function in these animals. At the same time, students will refine their powers of observation, improve their ability to ask and answer critical questions about organisms, and design experiments that will lead to further insight into invertebrate zoology. Prerequisite: BIOL 201. Three credits and lab.

Biology 484: Animal Behaviour

Taught: Fall Term
Description: An introduction to the principles of ethology drawing on examples from all animal phyla, with an emphasis on vertebrates. Students learn both the physiological and evolutionary bases of behaviour. Topics covered will span simple reflexes through complex social behaviours, including survival, predation, habitat selection, communication, and mating behaviours. Participation in field trips is required. Prerequisite: BIOL 201 or PSYC 230. Three credits and lab.