Undergraduate Students

Kali Hudson

My name is Kali Hudson and I am from Antigonish, Nova Scotia. I’m going into my fourth year at StFX planning to graduate with an Advanced Major in Biology and a minor in Psychology. I love sharing my passion for science and I spent the last two years working as a science outreach leader with X-Chem Outreach. This is my first summer researching with the Wyeth Lab as part of the gastropod neuroethology project, where I will be using electrophysiological techniques to study the nervous system of the great pond snail, Lymnaea stagnalis. This project is a perfect intersection of my interests in biology and psychology and I’m so excited to be involved!

Aidan McGowan

My name is Aidan McGowan, and I am from Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia. I am going into my second year at StFX, where I am taking a BSc in Biology. This is my first summer working with the Wyeth lab, specifically assisting with the Lobster Foraging group. I am grateful to be a part of this lab, as it is extending my knowledge, as well as firsthand experience with collecting data out in the field. It has also cemented my plan in wanting to eventually become a marine biologist. I hope to continue with the Wyeth Lab throughout my BSc as it would be a great asset for my degree and future research ​opportunities.

James Hanlon

My name is James Hanlon, I grew up in Cambridge, Ontario but now live in Linwood, Nova Scotia. I am going into my second year here at StFX and will be majoring in Biology. I enjoy playing guitar and being outdoors whether it be camping or fishing I love the fresh air. I will be working on the lobster foraging project this summer with Wyeth Lab for my first foray into the world of research, excited to learn many skills and techniques. I hope doing research will help me ascertain what I’m passionate about and help guide me towards a future I enjoy. I’m delighted to be a part of Dr. Wyeth’s team this summer and hope I can work with such amazing people in the future as well.

Noah Ruscica

My name is Noah Ruscica and I’m from Aurora, Ontario and I just finished my first year at StFX pursuing an Honours in Biology with a minor in Chemistry! I am extremely excited to be working with the Wyeth Lab and cannot wait to develop and strengthen all my skills throughout this summer, and hopefully many more. As a member of the Gastropod Neuroanatomy team, I will be studying the nervous system of pond snails and performing electrophysiological experiments with the goal of gaining insight on how this organism’s behaviour is influenced by its sensory organs. With my true passion of understanding and learning more about the crossover between the central sciences, this project presents the perfect opportunity for me to develop, demonstrate and learn new and interesting skills that will benefit me in both my research and academic fields!

Kristyn Boutilier

My name is Kristyn Boutilier and I am from Antigonish, Nova Scotia. I recently graduated from StFX in May 2022 with a Bachelor of Science in Biology with Distinction. I’m excited to begin my second summer working with the Wyeth Lab on the biofouling project; doing research on environmentally friendly antifouling treatments for marine vessels. I love spending time outside and near the ocean, and I’m very interested in pursuing a future research career in marine biology or ecology. Working with the Wyeth lab has given me the amazing opportunity to learn and experience research in a hands-on setting, and I’m very grateful for the insight into future career paths it has provided.

Gavin Hiltz

My name is Gavin Hiltz, I am from Pictou, Nova Scotia. I am going into my third year at StFX pursuing an honours degree in Biology with a minor in Mathematics. I assist with research on the lobster foraging project with Wyeth lab where we explore bait effectiveness and behavior of Homarus americanus. Eager to continue learning, I am very engaged and motivated to this project and hope to continue to work with Wyeth lab throughout my undergrad. I love all things biology; marine biology, ecology, mycology, and genetics being of greatest interest to me. Always willing to try new experiences and learn as much as I can with everything I do, I am very excited to see what the future holds with Dr. Wyeth and beyond.

Makayla Butorac

My name is Makayla Butorac, and I am from Peterborough, Ontario. I am going into my fourth year at StFX with plans to graduate in spring 2023 with an Honours in Biology and a minor in Psychology. I love spending time in nature and have a great passion for animals. This summer I will be working with both the gastropod neuroanatomy and the gastropod navigation groups. I will be resuming the project I worked on last summer, which involves using immunohistochemistry to label catecholamies in the peripheral and central nervous system tissue of Lymnaea stagnalis. Additionally, I will be exploring the behaviour of these snails to better understand what sensory cues guide their navigation. I am grateful and excited to be spending another summer working with Dr. Wyeth and other members of the Wyeth Lab who share my passion for research!

Kylie Curnew

My name is Kylie Curnew and I am from Hughes Brook, Newfoundland. I am going into my second year at StFX where I am studying health. I enjoy being outside, around animals and collecting plants. I am working with the Wyeth Lab in the biofouling project this summer. This is my first experience in research but I am a curious person with a passion for biology and I am so excited to get involved!