Summer Research Assistant Position

Interested in getting some experience in research? 

Want to paid full-time in Antigonish for the summer?  

There is an opening in the Wyeth Lab for a research assistant position for summer 2018.  The primary project associated with this position will be studying snail behaviour.  The research assistant will work with another student on the project, exploring how the snails move with respect to food odours.   Our larger goal is to better understand how  animals navigate depending on whether they are in slow or fast flow environments, with different kinds of prey present.  Practically, the research assistant will gain experience in general research skills, animal husbandry, data analysis in Excel and other software, video techniques (with GoPro cameras), image and video analysis.  Involvement with other Wyeth Lab projects will also occur.   Overall, lots of variety, and lots of problem solving!

Interested students should email a copy of an unofficial transcipt and resume to Dr. Wyeth, along with a short description of both career ideas and their reason for being interested in research.   Minimum requirements: currently enrolled StFX student (any year); 70% average of grades on transcript.

Review of applications will begin Jan 31, 2018.


Congrats to Alexa and Hannah – directed studies done & dusted

Both Alexa Nicholson and Hannah Stevens have finished their directed studies projects.  Alexa was working with antifouling options for aquaculture, and Hannah on the influence of light on pond snail navigation.  Both did a fantastic job on their final reports, and now have to let the research go (for a while at least) and focus on the last semester of courses in their BSc degrees.

Ella Maltby switches to lobster for her MSc

A big welcome to the newest grad student in the WyethLab.  She hasn’t come from very far!  Ella Maltby has wrapped up her work on our collaboration with Waycobah First Nation (studying antifouling options for their aquaculture facility), ending a year and half working on various projects in the lab.   For her MSc (co-supervised by Dr. Jim Williams), she will be studying the acute effects of sediment from Boat Harbour Nova Scotia (the site of a pull mill treatment facility) on juvenile lobster behavior.

James Research Chair

I am both honoured and excited to have been offered a James Research Chair to start in July 2018.  Two years of halved teaching load will be a big boost to the Wyeth Lab!  I am looking forward to the opportunity to expand existing research projects and hopefully building some collaborations as well.  Most of all I am excited at the chance to involve more students in the Wyeth Lab.

Theora Holden

Theora is study sea slug movement patterns and a potentially new way animals might use magnetic fields to navigate.

Theora says: Raised in Antigonish, I’m a second year student in the biology program here at X. Though I have yet to find my focus I am excited about exploring the wide world of biological studies. Some of my other passions include religious studies, sketching, bookmaking and watching bad horror movies.

Alexa Nicholson

I am a fourth year biology student minoring in economics.  I am doing a directed study course focused on mussel antifouling. I am really looking forward to getting some research experience and applying my degree in a practical way. This project fits really well with my degree because bio fouling is a very costly issue for the commercial shipping and marine industry. After I am done my undergraduate degree, I hope to pursue a career in the healthcare field.