Past Members

Alexa Nicholson

I am a fourth year biology student minoring in economics.  I am doing a directed study course focused on mussel antifouling. I am really looking forward to getting some research experience and applying my degree in a practical way. This project fits really well with my degree because bio fouling is a very costly issue for the commercial shipping and marine industry. After I am done my undergraduate degree, I hope to pursue a career in the healthcare field. 

Carmen Landry

IMG_2988I am a fourth year honours biology student at StFX, originally from Sydney, NS. This summer I am working on a project with Alex researching gene expression in the nervous system of Lymnaea. I am excited to get some research experience and learn from everyone in the Wyeth lab. After my undergrad, I’m hoping to take some time to travel and continue my education in hopes of pursuing a career in healthcare.

Carmen is supported by an NSHRF Scotia Scholars grant

Hannah Stevens

IMG_9997 I am a fourth year student taking a Joint Advanced Major in Biology and Mathematics. Working in lab this summer will be my first time doing research and I am very excited about it! Areej and I are studying Lymnaea snails and how they find food in still water and flowing water environments. I’m originally from Halifax and I’m looking forward to experiencing an Antigonish summer for the first time! After my undergrad degree I’m hoping to continue on to either a Master’s degree or medicine or both.

Hannah is supported in part by a NSHRF Scotia Scholars award and NSERC

Past Lab Members

Students and post-docs that have spent time, sometime, in the Wyeth Lab!


Patrick O’Brien (research assistant)
Veronica Ells (research assistant, directed studies)
Rebecca Kennedy (research assistant)
Katy Grosicki (Honours)
Sara Livingstone (research assistant, directed studies)
Jonathan Schwarz  (research assistant, directed studies)
Ian Carrigan (research assistant, directed studies)
Shauna Ryan  (research assistant, Aqua 450)
JP Barry  (research assistant, directed studies)
Grace Phillips (Honours)
Bailey Andrea  (research assistant, directed studies)
Stephanie Clarke (Honours)
Marissa Webber (Honours)
Emily Kehoe  (research assistant)
Tim Govare (research assistant)
Bridget Doan (Honours)
Jimmy Thomson (research assistant, directed studies)


Natika Bock (research technician)

Graduate Students

Kieran Murphy (MSc)
Natalia Filip (MSc)
Greg McCullagh (MSc)


Dr. Amanda Pustam