Aaron Cogger

My name is Aaron Cogger, and I am from Antigonish Nova Scotia. I am an alumnus from StFX’s Aquatic Resources Program, along with Dalhousie’s Master of Marine Management Program. During my time at StFX, I previously worked in the Wyeth lab, helping to research behavioral toxicology in American lobsters. Now I am back in the lab with the biofouling team, researching marine safe methods of preventing fouling growth on boat and ship hulls through a variety of experiments. I am delighted to be back in the Wyeth lab, along with expanding my research skillset and studying new topics to accompany my interest in marine protection.

Emilie Knighton

My name is Emilie Knighton. I’m originally from Georgetown, Ontario. I am currently working on my Master’s in biology at Acadia University, studying the costs of Conspecific Brood Parasitism in Red-Breasted Mergansers. I completed a BSc with a Joint major in Aquatic Resources and Biology from StFX, following which I worked with the Herring Science Council, which provided me with the opportunity to complete research preparations, survey planning and data gathering in ever-changing and challenging conditions. I worked alongside different fishing boats to complete plankton tows, tag live fish and complete bio-acoustic surveys. I am working in the Wyeth Lab as a research technician, studying alternative lobster bait technology – providing me with a further peak into the secret life of animals. 

Donica Larade

My name is Donica Larade and I am from Halifax, Nova Scotia. I just graduated May 2021 with a degree in biology at StFX. This is my second year working in the Wyeth lab as a research assistant. In the gastropod neuroanatomy group, I am currently working on two projects analyzing neurotransmitter distribution in the gastropod nervous system. Using immunohistochemistry, I’ve been labelling catecholamines in sea slug Tritonia exsulans and pond snail Lymnaea stagnalis, and I am thankful to help with furthering our understanding. I’m happy for the opportunity to have this experience, and will hopefully continue my work on invertebrates in the future.  

Laura Brady

My name is Laura Brady and I am from Ottawa, Ontario. I just graduated from StFX this past spring with a Bachelor of Science in Biology. This will be my second summer conducting research with the Wyeth lab on the lobster foraging project. The goal of the project is to test bait preferences of the American lobster in the hopes of gaining more knowledge on one of the most important fisheries in Canada. On this project, I will continue my role in data management as well as assisting the field crew with data collection. I will also be working to collect data for another project on the acoustic behaviour of American lobsters. The findings from these projects may also allow us to provide advice for lobster harvesters to make the fishery more sustainable. I am happy to be working with a great team once again and excited to spend the summer learning and challenging myself.

Ally Hunter

I am from New Providence in The Bahamas and I’m going into my fourth year at St. Francis Xavier University. I am doing an advanced major in Biology and hope to do directed studies in the fall. I enjoy reading, spending time near the water, and making observations about my environment. In intending to become a marine biologist, I feel doing research and getting experience in situ will help me to better navigate the path I would like to take to achieve my goals. I am excited and grateful for this opportunity to participate in the research project on biofouling this summer.

Emmerson Wilson

My name is Emmerson Wilson, I am a third year biology student at Saint Francis Xavier University and am working towards completing an honours in biology with a minor in economics. I have been working at Wyeth lab doing research on potential environmentally friendly antifouling treatments. My biggest passion is the outdoors, and so I spend my summers leading white water canoe trips throughout Canada.