Summer research recap: a trip down under

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Russell spent most of July in Australia doing all sorts of science –  snails, medusae, giant tritons,  and Crown-of-Thorns seastars  (and some fun encountering some southern biota outside of the lab, also).   Much of the time was spent catching up with folks in the Cummins lab at the University of Sunshine Coast – working on manuscripts and providing advice to new students on their behaviour experiments.   The International Congress of Neuroethology was also held in Brisbane, and our poster shared recent work by MSc students Areej Alansari and Alex Young on Lymnaea as well as earlier work on Tritonia that involved a whole crowd of past students.

Russell C. Wyeth, Areej Alansari, Shelby Brown, Jane Fletcher, Carmen Landry, Ella Maltby, Kieran Murphy, Patrick O’Brien, Hannah Stevens, Alex Young.  2018. Neuroethology of chemosensory-based navigation behaviour in the aquatic gastropods Tritonia and Lymnaea. Internation Congress of Neuroethology, Bribane, Australia. Poster Link

There was also time to sneak in  trips to the Australian Institute of Marine Science to give advice on flow tank design and the new jellies research facility, led by Dr. Kylie Pitt from Griffiths University and developed as a partnership with the Gold Coast SeaWorld, to discuss experiments and analysis of behaviours in cnidarian medusae.   Maybe new collaborations or projects in the future…

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