Makayla Butorac

My name is Makayla Butorac, and I am from Peterborough, Ontario. I am going into my fourth year at StFX with plans to graduate in spring 2023 with an Honours in Biology and a minor in Psychology. I love spending time in nature and have a great passion for animals. This summer I will be working with both the gastropod neuroanatomy and the gastropod navigation groups. I will be resuming the project I worked on last summer, which involves using immunohistochemistry to label catecholamies in the peripheral and central nervous system tissue of Lymnaea stagnalis. Additionally, I will be exploring the behaviour of these snails to better understand what sensory cues guide their navigation. I am grateful and excited to be spending another summer working with Dr. Wyeth and other members of the Wyeth Lab who share my passion for research!

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